Oct 2, 2010


Both of my daughters were born in June. Lilly in 2007 and Evie in 2009. When I aked my oldest, Lilly, what king of birthday party she wanted, she immediately told me an "Alice in Wonderland" party. I should've guessed, since she'd been completely obscessed with the Disney version for the previous 6 months! But the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I LOVE a good theme party (next blog may be a photo homage to my and my husband's combined 30th birthday last year where we sent our 20s packing in Roaring 20s style!) So I set to making the best and greatest un-birthday tea party (mad hats included) you've ever seen for a 3 and 1 year old. I started with the dressed. Lilly is adorable, with blonde curls and just an overal 'Alice-ness' so, naturally, I would make her an Alice style blue and white pinafore. Evie was a lot more difficult. There really aren't any other main female characters (other than the Queen of Hearts, but she's too sweet for that!) so it took a while to figure her costume out. I eventually decided on a Cheshire Cat inspired sundress in a purple gingham with a big, wide grin sewn on in felt.

Lilly is 'posing' and this is the best photo of the dress I could get of Evie... little bugger is so fast, all the pictures of her were blurry! :)

Here are some other photos from the party. An amazing time with some amazing memories! I'm sure I enjoyed it even more than the girls, but 4 months later and Lilly still remembers it (and asks to wear her dress... often) so I guess it was a hit!


  1. This is really cool! Great job on that marvelous cake!

  2. I am throwing my own party for my sister and I (two years and four days apart in June!- we'll be 24 and 22) next year based on this... WE LOVE ALICE! THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION! (Also saw you on Modcloth)


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