Oct 4, 2010

A Winter Sewing Challenge!

So, I've been doing a lot of amazing blog reading (Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing among the many), and research and I'm getting more and more confident in my sewing skills. But I've realized that I've only been making single pieces and a few 2-piece outfits here and there. Nothing I'd consider to be cohesive. And that got me thinking - I'm challenging myself to a winter wardrobe.
You have remember me mentioning that I'm about to re-enter the working world after nearly 4 years of being a stay-at-home-mom. Mind you, when last I was a working professional was also pre-babies. So, between the span of 4 years and two rather large babies (and the accompanying hip spread-age) I'm not as little in the middle as I used to be. I'm not upset - it's a small price to pay for my little beauties... but it makes dressing for work much more difficult when you only have a wardrobe full of clothing 2 sizes too small. Thus, the challenge!
I'm going to draw from my pattern stash and attempt to create myself a winter work-worthy wardrobe. In my research, I came across an article that Tim Gunn wrote outlining the "Essential Wardrobe Elements" every woman should have. Among them are the LBD, a classic black pant, a fitted jacket, and a long coat. After compiling a few sources, I've come up with this list for myself:
  • a Little Black Dress (LBD)
  • a long winter coat
  • 2-3 pairs of dress pants (including one pair black)
  • at least 1 classic button-up shirt
  • several dress shirts (both long and short sleeved)
  • an 'Any Occasion Top'
  • 2-3 skirts (at least one neutral)
  • a long-sleeved dress
  • at least one fitted jacket (including one neutral)
  • one pair knit pants (as Tim's "sweatsuit alternative")
  • a warm, plain cardigan
  • a pant suit
Do I sound completely over ambitious? I'm going to try and tie this self-challenge in with one of the Pattern Review contests. Maybe the Endless Combinations? We'll see how far I get, but it's a goal, right? My winter wardrobe should be complete around spring! :) AND I can't really start until after the kids Halloween costumes are finished. But, hey, I'll be prepared for next winter. I'm going to sit down with the pictures of every pattern in my stash and start planning this week. Once I have an outline, I'll prioritize and make some fabric decisions and then I'm off to the races! Maybe I'll even learn something in the process! (Here's hoping!) I'll do my best to keep you all updated as I go.
So, wish me luck ladies and gents.... Here I go!


  1. It does sound like an ambitious plan! I'd like to have all those things on the list myself! :-) There is no harm in planning though. I am sure you will end up with some great clothes at the end of it, even if you don't get all of them finished. I find the hardest part of trying to make coordinates is finding the right fabrics.


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