Oct 8, 2010

Hometown Retro!

My hometown Facebook page is boasting this amazing event this weekend! A WWII all-things-retro event including re-enactors (we're a VERY big Civil War community -- with Antietam Battlefield right here and Gettysburg less than an hour away), military displays, a USO dance featureing big band style live performances, and a RETRO FASHION SHOW!

Look closely: the tickets for the play are only 50¢! As retro as you can get, right?

In an attempt to revitalize our very small town, the council has been trying to promote lots of fun activities to draw in crowds and thus showcase how awesome our little town actually is. We are the town of Williamsport, Maryland, located right on the Potomac River in western Maryland - "famous" for the C&O Canal and being the original considered site of the nation's capital. (Oh yes, it's true!) In recent years our little town has become, well, sort of run down and seemingly un-loved. So, they have been attempting to grow town awareness by sponsoring super fun activities. Last month was (a personal favorite of mine!) Pirate's Plunder, which celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th.

** side note ** One of my best friends from college, Byron, and I have been celebrating this silly holiday for nearly 10 years... I was DELIGHTED when I found out that my town, of all places, was going to celebrate with us! And now THIS!

I expect it will be fairly small (as most small town events are) but I will enjoy it nonetheless, just as I did using my awesome pirate-speak last month (ARGH! Avast me hearties... keep yer pillagin' scallywags upon yer own lest ye be forced to walk the plank, yeh stinkin' bilge rat!).

Yes, it's a talent most of my friends didn't even know I possessed. ;)

Inceredibly sadly, I won't be able to attend. *collective groan of disappointment* I will be out of town visiting my in-laws and wishing my neice a happy 6th birthday. But I'll be there in spirit and hoping it's such a success that they decide to do it again next year. *sigh*

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