Oct 6, 2010

Lame, Satin and Tulle... Oh my!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tulle? I hate the way it feels, the way it looks, the way it smells. I hate the way it bunches in my machine, and I hate the way I can never see the edges of it clearly. In a word: Loathe. So, what did my daughter decide she *had* to be for Halloween? A tulle-drowned fairy princess.

The bodice called for satin, which isn't the worst thing ever but it ravels like mad. The bodice was easy enough. Lilly chose a glittery hot pink color and I picked a light pink for the lining and underskirt.
From the beginning, the sleeve directions were incomprehensible. I had to read them a few times before I understood what they were going for. Maybe I'm just dense. It's a distinct possibility. There is a whole sleeve piece, and then an extra - what looks just lie a short, puffy sleeve - piece. The idea is to puff the small sleeve and then put it on top of the regular sleeve piece. This, I assume, is to keep the sleeve from going flat at the 'puff' under its own weight. Clever design? Yes. Easy to do? Not so much. The "placement line" is not for the raw edge of the fabric, but matches up with some imaginary line drawn between the large dots on the smaller piece. Took me 3 tries sewing that seam before I finally got it to match up properly! I'm surprised the fabric didn't just fall apart. Thankfully, it didn't. The result:

Side seams/underarm seams aren't closed until a later step (and this is my dress form) but you get the idea, right?

With said side and underarm seams finished - this is the completed bodice minus the zipper in the back.

 The underskirt was a piece of cake. 3 pieces - a front and 2 back pieces - all rectangles. But then the tulle. *shudders* Each piece of that was probably 52" and there are FOUR of them! In each color! Then they must be basted together! AAHH! I spent all of last night and most of this afternoon swimming in tulle. Did I mention I hate tulle? Yeah, all I can say is that she better love this dress so much she sleeps in it. Did I also mention I have another one to do after this is finished? With even MORE tulle? It's a good thing I'm already going grey! :)

The full skirt, lining and both layers of tulle, are finished and attached to the bodice. Lilly got a much anticipated fitting. She's in heaven, so I guess it's worth it.

And the obligatory twirling photo! (It's clothes-pinned in the back until the zipper goes in)

Next up is the zipper closure and then the shiny, silver lame hip peplum belt. That oughta be fun! (Can you sense my sarcasm?) :)


  1. She's adorable! Hopefully she won't want to be a princess again.

  2. Hopefully this costume will still fit if she does! :)

  3. Your daughter looks very cute! You are a very nice mommy indeed to make this. This is the sort of thing that we buy cheaply in the superstore. I am getting roped into a Halloween costume this year though...

  4. It does look wonderful, and she looks so happy. Good luck with the next lot of tulle.


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