Oct 12, 2010


As mentioned in my other post, I've started thinking about my winter wardrobe (or sad, sad lack thereof) and planning my attack strategy for a new one. Since I still have to finish 2 very fluffy, tulle covered princess Halloween costumes, I'm thinking of waiting until the Pattern Review contest Endless Combinations.

Since the rules of this contest are such that every one of your finished items must coordinate with at least one of the previous, it will literally force me to create something cohesive and inerchangeable. Because I'm dying to have my WVU inspired shirtdress before football season is completely over (GO Mountaineers!) I'm going to start there. I've got a jacket pattern that I'm going to make in navy to go with it. And so it begins! From there, I've got a plan (and a large pattern stash) to work with. I still have to choose fabrics, but since the contest doesn't start until mid-November, I've got plenty of time for that. I'll probably order most of it, since I'm stuck with only a Joann Fabrics locally. Boo.

This is my only slightly organized plan. It goes right to left -- Why? *shrugs* I don't know.

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