Sep 25, 2011

A Good Start: The First Finished Object

After a quick start of the the initial planning stages of the Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge, I hit some time snags. I took my family to the beach for a few days the next week and had to finish up another project that had already been started before I could feel composed enough to begin. (That project will be coming up soon... just need to find and apply the perfect finishing touches first! Here's a hint.)

I started out with the most versatile of my pattern inspirations, Vogue 8747. It's an adorable button-front blouse with some gathers at the bust.  My palette called for an ivory color top, and this one was perfect. I made it in a rayon challis with a lovely feel and drape.

It frayed quite a bit, so I finished all the inside seams. As the color was so light and a bit opaque, I had another reason for doing that - you can see the seams from the outside. I didn't want a lot of bulk, so I just turned under the seam and stitched it, rather than using seam binding.

They need to be pressed a bit to lay nice and flat, but it keeps the fraying to a minimum and looks uniform from the outside.

Why do all my photos look exactly the same? I need to go to modeling school. ;)

Next up, I think, will be a pair of green stretch sateen pants. Or maybe one of the knit shirts. I'll probably decide tonight and get started.


  1. Lovely shirt! It's versatile in the cream colour you chose, but a bit more stylish than an average shirt. The ruching makes it special.

  2. Nice one! The ruching is very pretty! :)

  3. It looks great and I bet you wear it tons.

  4. Such a sharp looking shirt on you! Very nicely done.

  5. Ooo, Now I REALLY want to sew this one up! I might even copy you with some ivory tencel twill. This looks wonderful and fits you beautifully. Nice work!


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