Sep 14, 2011

Snuggly Things for Small People

Every now and then my attention shifts from garment sewing to something crafty. Most often, when I get in a crafty mood, it's to make something for my kids. A few months ago, after a particularly fierce battle over the only character print pillowcase in the house, I decided to make them each their own special pillowcase. We trotted over to Jo-Ann Fabrics and they picked out a print. Lilly chose princesses (to no one's surprise) and Evie chose Mickey Mouse (her current unconditional love).

I made my own pattern, if you can even call it that. I measured a 20" by 33" rectangle on the fold, sewed one short side over itself by 3" for the 'facing', and closed the other two with French seams so there would be no frays. Both pillowcases took me an hour and a half total to finish. And, boy, are they loved.

Evie won't go anywhere without 'Mickey' - including naptime, bedtime, the minivan, the swingset in the backyard, the beach... :)  It's nice to be appreciated.

Yesterday, as I was considering fabrics for the Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge (PS - That's MY moodboard featured! What an honor!), my thoughts drifted to the cooling weather. I got another kid-crafty idea and took the girls to Jo-Ann again. This time, they each picked out a yard of their favorite character fleece (Minnie Mouse and Angelina Ballerina). a few snips around 3 sides and a no-sew finish (I just tied knots in the fringes) gave them each a new snuggly, comfy blanket to help guard against the new chill in the evening air. And something else to tote around the yard.

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  1. Nothing nicer than making something for the kiddies - especially when it is a quick easy project and they love it!


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