Oct 3, 2011

My Other Creative Outlet - Digital Scrapbooking

I use Mixbook.com, which is hosted online and is free, but there are lots of programs available both online and for purchase. I find this program to be somewhat limited, but very malleable. You can upload your own things like backgrounds and stickers in addition to your photos. They provide you with pre-made themes or the option of a blank slate. You can create and tweak until your hearts content and then have the books printed for a pretty reasonable fee.*

This is the family album from last year. I think I'm finally satisfied with it, and it will probably end up being the family Christmas gift for my parents and my in-laws this year. Simple gift idea that every grandparent will love! :)

| Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book
*I am not affiliated with Mixbook in any way and have not been paid in any form for my endorsement. I just find it to be a good program and enjoy using it.

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