Sep 14, 2010

An Introduction.....

I suppose I should begin my first post with a little introduction. My name's Ginnie and I'm from a small suburban town in Western Maryland. Thanks to my mother, I have always lived a life filled with creativity. She's a graphic designer, and has always been an amazing artist. Jack-of-all-trades, she can draw, paint, sew, decorate... you name it, she can probably do it. Luckily, I inherited a bit her of artistic ability (a small fraction, but nonetheless...). As a full time mom of young children (Evie is 1 and Lilly is 3), I haven't had much time to myself in quite a while. So, as the littlest one has started gaining some independence (which means I can leave her with hubby and he won't want to scream after half an hour), I finally get a little 'me time'.

And what am I doing with this new found freedom? I've started sewing. Now, I've actually been sewing for many years. My grandmother gave me an old sewing machine when I was probably 7 or 8 years old and I spent many an afternoon sewing lopsided pillows and babydoll blankets out of whatever scraps my mom had lying around. I've done quite a few needlepoint projects and spent 8 years completing a cross stitch project for my oldest daughter (funny story, actually... definitely fill you in another time). My husband bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday about 4 years ago that pretty much sat in my closet until a few months ago. Somehow in this lifetime of knowing how to sew, I never really learned how to sew.

I created my first garment from a pattern last winter when I made some pajamas for Lilly (not horrible for a first-timer!) And then I tried again this past June when she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland for her birthday. I guess I caught the bug, because I haven't put my sewing machine away since. It sat beside my dining room table with a laundry basket full of notions until my husband built me a sewing studio in the basement. Now, I don't have to clean up every hour when I need the kitchen table. :)

So, here are my adventures in sewing, scrapbooking, painting, and whatever comes along. I shall no longer be stuck beneath the willow tree!

                       My sweet little family

                        My parents and me at my 2010 graduation

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