Sep 30, 2010

I always have to make it harder on myself...

So, as promised, I completed Pixelink's 1 Piece Kimono Tee pattern from Naturally, I had to make it more difficult than cutting a single piece and adding some side seams and hems. I had a striped jersey I really wanted to use, but (yes, I know I'm supposed to prefer vertical slimming ones) I really wanted horizontal stripes. So, after piecing the printable puzzle-pattern, I just it in half at the shoulders and added a seam allowance.  It really is a very easy pattern and it didn't take long to sew up. I was looking for a few more casual things to add to my wardrobe.... things that I can wear with jeans. So far, I've pretty much stuck to the going-back-to-work wardrobe. So, at least until the weather gets cold, I have one more casual look to sport while I'm cleaning up scattered barbies and spilled juice boxes.

My cat, Toby, guest stars in my photo:

And I don't want to brag or anything, but check out this stripe-matching prowess! :)


  1. Your t-shirt looks great, and I like the dress you made too! I just found your blog through pattern review. I am going to add you to my blog roll, I am assuming that's OK (if not just let me know!)

    Can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. Woohoo - those matched stripes rock! Is there even a seam in there??? Looks great on you!

    - Christina W


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