Apr 14, 2012

New Look 6922 and a Wadder

This is one of those posts that should've been written... oh, say, a year ago? Oops.

I've made the top from New Look 6922 twice, now. It's quickly becoming a TNT for a 3/4 sleeve knit top. I have one in green and one in white, both of which I wear endlessly in the spring and fall. They are perfect on their own or for layering. (I haven't blogged about either top, but  I am wearing it under this jacket)

 Last year, when I went away to my Scrap & Sew girls' weekend away, I made the short-sleeved dress option.

The dress itself is very simple. It's only two pattern pieces with a neckband. The front neckline is slightly gathered, but otherwise there's really nothing to it.  This one is made in a floral print matte jersey, which is so soft and silky feeling that I love wearing it. It is a synthetic, so it's breathability is not ideal for very humid days. But since I was wearing it indoors, primarily to work or church, it was never an issue.

I have only two very minor issues with the dress. One is the faded fold line right down the front of the skirt. Everyone to whom I've pointed this out says it's not noticeable, so I guess I'll take that at face value and not worry too much about it. The other slight issue is the just-wonky-enough placement of the flowers on the chest. They aren't straight-up 'boob flowers' but since they're off kilter, I feel like that might be worse. It doesn't stop me from wearing it, at any rate. 

The same weekend, I made a Vogue 8593 in a heather grey wool jersey, just like on the pattern envelope. 

Man, I loved that look. Sadly, it was a horrendous mess that didn't fit anywhere. Too tight in the hips, too big on top due to the strange way those pleats lay, facings all bunched up and pulling in weird ways... it was just a complete wadder. Sad, but true. 

So, yeah. I have another New Look top planned in navy and probably another one of those super comfy dresses for after baby girl arrives this summer. I'll need a few loose-fitting but stylish dresses to wear while I'm 'recovering my shape', so to speak. Hopefully, it won't take me a whole year to post them, if I do. :)


  1. They are definitely not boob flowers! They are out of alignment by plenty enough not to be any sort of problem. I can't see the fade line either. It is not apparent in the photos at least.
    Shame about the other dress. I guess waders happen to everyone.

  2. Thanks, Karin. Nice to have an opinion on the flowers from another sewist. :)

    Yep, I guess wadders are inevitable. You live and you learn, right? And then try again!


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