Dec 3, 2010

Temporary Replacement

My sad, empty sewing machine table... it's lonely without Helen!

It's been weeks since I've had either the time or the energy to do any sewing. So, wouldn't you know the day I finally get motivated enough to cut and attempt to sew something, my machine would break. Oh, Helen! Why now? I'm beginning to understand the benefits of hoarding multiple machines. I feel I should invest in a spare... or two... or five. ;)

It's nothing major (I think), only the zig-zag function isn't working properly. It seems that my needle bar won't stay put, nor will it zig on command. Or zag, for that matter. It's in the repair shop as we speak, and I'm told that a tune up should do the trick, with the possibility of a small part replacement. I guess we shall see! But until the call comes, I figured I was just stuck without a machine. AH! But then I remembered.... my mother used to sew! She still has an old machine, and she's surely not currently using it. So, when my folks came over for movie night last night she brought it along. This lovely old gal will be helping me work through my coat muslin this week until my sweet Helen comes home again.
Ain't she a beaut? It's a Singer Merritt 3013 - old as the hills and still chuggin'! I'll have to give it a good dusting and thorough oiling, but it'll get me through. Thanks, Mom!

And speaking of.... My gorgeous wool coating from Mood is at the cleaners being steam pressed, the buttons, hair canvas, and Kasha flannel-backed satin lining are on the way and I've gotten my muslin all pinned.
 I've entered myself in the Pattern Review Winter Wear contest and I'm going to make it happen with or without my sewing machine! Wish me luck! (I think I might need it)

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