Dec 11, 2010

Second muslin.... almost there!

I'm almost always a size 12 in Big 4 patterns. But since this coat was meant for lighter-weight fabrics (gabardines, broadcloths and the like) I thought maybe I should cut a 14 for the muslin so that I'd have room to both line and underline my coating weight wool. So, that's where I started.

There are no photos of the first muslin - it was enormous.

So, I cut another one, in my usual size 12. Hey, if you have to cut the muslin twice, at least it's a size smaller, right? Okay, so I won't complain too much. The fit seems to be much better this time. Here are my issues - perhaps some of you seasoned tailors can give a bit of advice...

The top is far too wide, while the hips are a bit tight. You can see it here in these photos. The princess seams are much closer to my armpits than across my bust. The back is actually pretty good... when I'm properly adjusted, there's really no swayback like it sort of looks like there is.

 If I pinch in about an inch on either front side, it seems to do the trick. Would that be fixed with an SBA? I've never had to do one before, so I'm really unfamiliar with the techniques. I've been perusing some of my pattern adjustment books, but any advice would be helpful. If I take it out of the front piece, it would have to go all the way up to the shoulder... but does the back seem like it could take a shorter shoulder seam, too? I don't want the sleeves to pull or not have full range of motion. What about the hips? Should I be adding a bit to the hips and where... the side seam? Ugh, this is starting to give me a headache. I don't know how you girls do it. I guess I got spoiled with a regular size that almost never needs any adjustments. I feel like I've been inducted into some sort of club. :)

You can see it here, too, on my dressform. When the front is pulled tight, the neckline overlaps WAY farther than it should. There's no lapel - or at least there's not supposed to be. And the closer to the bottom you get, the farther the spread. The waist fits perfectly - should I be trying to grade between 3 sizes!? Yeah, there's that headache again.

HELP! Some advice or ideas from the pros (or at least those slightly more versed in pattern alteration) would be great while I read every alteration book I can find.

Oh yeah, and a gratuitous photo of my babies. :)


  1. I'd try taking in the seams over the bust first, tapering to nothing at the shoulder. Then I'd let out the seams over the fullest part of your backside.

    Those are the two biggies, then you could fine-tune the shoulder width, though they don't look too wide to me.

    Fitting is an art, often learned by trial and error. Mistakes are good! (I hope you're fitting the muslin over what you'll actually be wearing under the coat, and be careful not to "over-fit." Remember the goal of good fit is to have no wrinkles, not to make it as tight as possible.

  2. I'm not too good at fitting myself, but I can commiserate with you! Your kids look really cute on Santa's lap.

  3. Thanks, Steph. I'm definitely trying to leave enough room inside for actual clothing. That's why I wanted to make sure the rump was roomy enough. Thanks for the tips. I'm working on it some tonight, so I'll give it a whirl. Thanks a million!

    And thanks, Karin... I'm a bit biased, myself. :)


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